Knowledge is Power

Training is often the key to accelerating the performance of a team. Classes at Blue Sky Evolution involve hands-on labs and working with real-world data and material prepared by experienced professionals. We have worked with thousands of users through hundreds of training classes spanning from alignment sheet generation, GIS tools and data management, to workflow executions. Master your field and build a stronger industry future by attending Blue Sky training courses.

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Refine your skills hands-on

Experience the benefits of face-to-face training in our hands-on labs performed right inside the Blue Sky office. Our director of education holds public training courses covering Skyline, LIGHTNING, DASH as well as a training course that looks under the hood of our sheet generation tools into the database. Learn from the best and with your peers in our open training courses.

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Train on your own schedule

Get a closer look into our most powerful and intuitive tools for generating alignment sheets and managing data by accessing our Skyline, LIGHTNING, and DASH training videos for beginner and intermediate users. These new video classes take you through the basics of our Blue Sky tools from your own device and on your own time. Refine your sheet generation and data management skills at a lower cost to you and with the flexibility that comes with a virtual trainer.


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Become Blue Sky Elite

Take the next step in training by becoming Blue Sky Certified in our Skyline, LIGHTNING, and DASH tools. Held only twice a year, our invitation-only Certification course is for elite power users, putting you apart from your industry peers as you head to the top of the list. Certified Users are trained in advanced database operations, high-efficiency workflow design, and how to lead their own training classes. Blue Sky Evolution provides three levels of Certification.