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Experience the Future of Facility Maintenance

Put yourself ahead of the industry with Stratus VR. This virtual reality visualization app immediately places you on the ground in your facility from the safety and convenience of the office.  Take facility maintenance to the future with detailed virtual walk-throughs of real as-builts without any field travel.

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Instantly experience smooth, lifelike interaction with your as-builts as you move seamlessly through the environment. With no need to render 3D models, movement is always fast and clear.

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Developed to make training simple and painless, Stratus VR can be deployed and learned in as little as a day. Its intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use, and it even comes with the option of compatible hardware.

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Stratus VR captures your as-builts from highly detailed point clouds that measure hundreds of points per square inch. With this measurement tool, see real-world elevation and unsurpassed clarity of your facilities.

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Now you can train personnel on facility maintenance without having to leave your office. No field travel means time and money saved, and virtual walk-throughs means your team stays safe from potential harm on site.