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Automated Permit Drawings in CAD


Skyline Permit is an all new extension that automates permit generation quickly and cleanly.  Marrying Skyline's robust data-driven backend, with a LIGHTNING style interface, Skyline Permit outputs drawings faster than anything before.  



  • The simple and straightforward process gets you to permit generation fast

  • Requires minimal training

  • Inspired by LIGHTNING's user-friendly interface

  • Automated Plan View

  • Automated Profile Band

  • Automated Ingress/Egress

  • Automated DOC labels

  • Automated nominal and minimum depth

  • Easily select draw areas

  • Takes advantage of the many strengths of AutoCAD

  • Additional block editing tool

  • Powerful batch editing abilities

  • Builds on existing Skyline projects

  • Writes to Skyline Project Databases

  • Metric and Imperial compatible

Benefits to You

  • Dramatically increase productivity

  • Process changes extremely quickly

  • Reduce the duplication of effort

  • Increase the value of your deliverable

  • All data is written to a project database for easy management

  • Very easy for Skyline users to learn


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