skyline integrity auto cad sheet generation

Fast & Powerful Integrity Sheets


Skyline Integrity Edition is the first of its kind to target the need for quick integrity alignment sheets in CAD in an industry with tightening regulations. This tool uses the Skyline engine to provide integrity groups powerful functionality on a smaller budget.


Benefits to You

  • Dramatically increases productivity

  • Processes changes extremely quickly

  • Reduces the duplication of effort

  • Writes all data to a project database for easy management

  • Enables the user to cut sheets from PODS Spatial data

  • All data is loadable into PODS and PODS Spatial

  • Produces unrivaled deliverables with clean,
    professional output

  • Increases value of your deliverables

  • Runs in conjunction with Skyline

  • Allows for smoother audits with comprehensive data

  • Enables the user to quickly move from survey to sheet generation


Unique Features

  • Can use field or calculated stationing

  • Scans drawing for crossing data

  • Provides powerful controls for data management

  • Automatically creates database as you generate sheets

  • Generates multiple graphs at once

  • User-friendly controls for customization

  • New interface shows the entire route

  • Conveniently generates plan view

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