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Advanced, Customizable Tool for Drafting Easements


LIGHTNING Workspace is the industryʼs most advanced tool for drafting easements in ArcGIS. This flexible extension auto-generates workspace polygons along the entire route according to user-defined criteria. Customizable settings enable the user to define workspaces based on their companyʼs standards.

Advanced drafting tools within Workspace enable the user to draw irregularly-shaped polygons, as well as slice and merge the polygons. With this extension, be able to create workspace, TWS, and ETWS in seconds.

  • Use intelligent cut and merge features

  • Automatically write workspace data into a FGDB

  • Easily update and respond to changes

  • Save time with efficient design capabilities

  • Automatically create GIS features

  • Quickly build workspace for reroutes

  • Use an expanded traditional GIS toolbar

  • Customize based on company standards

lightning workspace generator
lightning workspace generator

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