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Lightning Fast Plats


LIGHTNING Plat is an all new extension that automates permit generation quickly and cleanly.  Utilizing LIGHTNING's legendary user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art optimization, the Plat extension speeds through the creation of simple and complex plat drawings.



  • Requires minimal training

  • Builds on LIGHTNING's user-friendly interface

  • Automated Plan View

  • Automatically annotate parcel segments

  • Automatically annotate PIs

  • Automatically label parcels

  • Automatically annotate crossing angle

  • Powerful batch editing abilities

  • Create custom scales

  • Extensive controls for managing layouts for each drawing

  • Builds on existing LIGHTNING projects

  • Use the same data from your LIGHTNING projects

  • Integrates with Template Wizard

  • Use any data source that Arc can read

  • Writes to LIGHTNING Project Databases

Benefits to You

  • Dramatically increase productivity

  • Process changes extremely quickly

  • Reduce the duplication of effort

  • Increase the value of your deliverable

  • Collaborate on LIGHTNING projects

  • All data is written to a project database


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