Lightning alignment sheet generation software in arc gis

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Lightning Fast Alignment sheets in ArcGIS


LIGHTNING produces alignment sheets in Arc faster and easier than any tool before it.  The intuitively designed interface guides the user through the step-by-step process, and the powerful collection of tools makes LIGHTNING ideal for design, construction, as-built and maintenance.  Powerful features like Smart Tiles, Multiple Surfaces, and the Template Wizard extension equip users to do more work in less time.


Looking for alignment sheets out of AutoCAD?  Check out Skyline.


Benefits to You

  • Dramatically increase productivity
  • Process changes extremely quickly
  • Reduce the duplication of effort
  • Increase the value of your deliverable
  • All data is written to a project database for easy management
  • Data is loadable into PODS and PODS Spatial
  • Cut sheets from PODS Spatial data

Powerful Features

  • Automated Plan View
  • Automated Profile Band
  • Automated Ownership Band
  • Automated Legend
  • Automated PI Band
  • Automated Crossing Band
  • Automated Stationing Band
  • Automated Material Band
  • Automated Bill of Materials
  • Automated PI Table
  • Automated Revisions Table
  • Get to sheet generation fast with a simple, easy process
  • Requires minimal training
  • Use any data source that Arc can read
  • Import custom symbols
  • Use any data source that Arc can read
  • Create point and bar graphs using integrity data
  • Reliable and dynamic legends are easy to create and populate
  • Conceptualize routes and reroutes with the Route Concept Tools
  • Generate MP and KM Posts off conceptualized routes
  • Generate induction bends for conceptualized routes
  • Dynamic warnings and recommendations help prevent mistakes before they happen
  • With the Template Wizard extension, template creation is simple
  • Automatically generate sheets with optimized widths, angle and alignment to the centerline
  • Full featured tool for editing tiles: Rotate, move up or down, adjust width, combine tiles and more
  • Create and display infinite profile surfaces
  • Export PDFs with spatial data embedded inside the document
  • Use standard text and linear styles or create your own
  • Import custom symbols