skyline alignment sheet generation software tool autocad cad

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Fast & Powerful Alignment Sheets in CAD


Creating extremely accurate, highly detailed alignment sheets has never been easier. A powerful database and streamlined interfaces accelerate your workflow and enable you to process changes faster than ever.


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  • Streamlined interfaces get you to sheet gen faster
  • Edit virtually every element on your sheet
  • Automated Plan View
  • Automated Profile Band
  • Automated Chainage Bands
  • Automated TOP Bands
  • Automated NG Bands
  • Automated DOC Bands
  • Automated Stationing Bands
  • Automated Ownership Bands
  • Automated Materials and Event Features Bands
  • Automated Environmental Bands
  • Automated PI Bands
  • Automated Crossing Bands
  • Automated Deflection Angle Bands
  • Automated Bill of Materials Table
  • Automated PI Table
  • Automatically inserts North Arrow
  • Writes to a Microsoft Access database for portability and easy deployment
  • Enterprise version of Skyline writes to SQL Server for fast report generation and data management
  • Smart Groups create optimized viewport layouts with a click
  • Insert Points from a csv directly into your dwg
  • Generate Linework off of points
  • Includes the MatGen extension to process and draw complex material data
  • Includes the ProGen extension to draw and manage multiple profile surface
  • Compatible with csv and Map Object data
  • Dynamic previews help you get settings right the first time
  • Generate sheets left to right, and right to left
  • Compatible with metric and Imperial units


Benefits to You

  • Create alignment sheets fast
  • Dramatically increase productivity
  • Process changes extremely quickly
  • Reduce the duplication of effort
  • Increase the value of your deliverable
  • All data is written to a project database
  • Data is loadable into PODS